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Domestic as well as international investors are considering India for investment in property. Real estate studies of India shows that India has the right environment that offers maximum benefits to the investors. Infrastructure Project and entering in this field is a new challenge but Company wants to grab more opportunities in this field as it of the opinion that the said Industry is a booming Industry.

The growth of housing is related to construction and as such it is also connected to core sector industries like Cement, Iron & steel and Housing finance. Since Company is into the field of infrastructure development project, it is belief that Company will be able to achieve reasonably good position in the market in due course.

Presently company is purchasing certain properties at Wadala & Juhu in Mumbai.

Financial and Operating performances :

Your Company’s revenues from Infrastructure & real estate business as follows: -
Financial Year Revenue (Rs. In  lacs)
2016-17 -
2015-16 -
2014-15 -
2013-14  -
2012-13  -
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